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Cannabis Transport, storage, and Security

We understand the unique challenges that come with working in the cannabis industry, and we're here to help you meet them head-on. With the legal landscape constantly changing, and the potential for theft and violence always present, security services provide an invaluable service to cannabis businesses.

Cannabis storage

Holders of a license to store medical cannabis, in large commercial quantities,
We can solve your storage space problems and optimize the availability of your product


Medical cannabis transportation

NDN Security has a medical cannabis transportation license (ICR) and will provide you with the perfect solution - from delivery to the customer's home to secure transportation of large quantities while meeting all the required security standards.

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Medical cannabis security

The medical cannabis market is a rapidly developing field in Israel thanks to its advanced R&D capabilities and the fact that Israel is considered a power in the field of agricultural technology. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of applications for medical cannabis practice licenses at all stages.


This area is characterized by strict regulation, especially in matters of quality control and security. Anyone wishing to engage in the field is required to meet strict GSP  standards, dictated and controlled by the HQR, the Ministry of Health and the Israel Police. The significance of the level of security in this area is crucial and directly affects the ability of the farm or factory to function, in routine and emergency situations.


NDN will provide you with a complete solution, from the technological and operational planning stage, through licensing and dealing with the relevant authorities to physical security that includes transportation and distribution services that will allow you the peace of mind to operate and grow knowing we cover you in all directions - from customer to home Compliance with all required security standards.



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